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The Calvin Cycle : Its Purpose, Its Viability and ASU's response to this Investigation

The Purpose : Penetrating NSF and Funding of Basic Research 

The purpose in making of the Calvin cycle was to foreclose the United States' development of photosynthesis as an alternative energy, in furtherance of Purdue trustees president Don Powers et al's ownership interests in NIPSCO, a giant fossil-fuel business in Northwest Indiana. On's Proposal Website, Fong recounts the National Science Foundation's finding for his discovery of the Calvin Cycle in the terms of an NSF fraud case to violate the Federal False Claim Act, a device for penetrating the NSF and this nation's other funding agencies to corrupt the fabric of scientific inquiry in photosynthesis research.  Its victims number in the millions, including all students at the high school and undergraduate levels - the target of institutionalized campaigns exemplified by those launched by ASU's (Arizona State University) Center for Bioenergy and Photosynthesis.

At PCDF's behest Purdue instructor Dale W. Margerum in July of 1955 released, contrary to the findings of Melvin Calvin and his co-workers at the Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, a news story that Calvin demonstrated in vitro the dark reaction in photosynthesis.  The fictitious story by Margerum became universally known as the Calvin cycle, the path of carbon in dark photosynthesis.

The Calvin cycle is by far the more viable of Purdue's two intertwining federal false claims, for which Cordova was presumably made Purdue President and, then, appointed to the NSB to succeed her predecessor Purdue President Steve Beering, chairman of the NBS, and take charge of this instant investigation.

 Calvin Cycle, the Viability of a Ponzi Scheme

Whatever the attributes of the Calvin cycle, it has proved itself beyond the reach of conventional law enforcement, invincible through the decades as an NSF fraud case and bribery-conspiracy to defraud the Internal Revenue Service.
For the National Science Foundation's finding for the author Francis K. Fong's discovery of the Calvin cycle, the photosynthetic dark reactions, and its explanation of how the Calvin cycle became established contrary to Calvin et al's finding of the light carboxylation reaction, see's Proposal Website.  This Proposal Website documents Calvin's lifelong attempt, in vain, to undo the consequences of his adoption of Margerum's work of fiction, that he and his co-workers demonstrated by experiment that photosynthesis operates in the dark. That Website describes work dedicated to penetrating this viability of the Calvin cycle. It probes the mechanism by which ranking Executive officers of the United States Government enforce the Calvin cycle upon the community.  The purpose is to detect these Executive officers, especially career officers at the NSF, IRS and Department of Justice (Tax Division) responsible for enforcing the Calvin cycle, the dark reaction in photosynthesis, known since the 1970's as a bribery-conspiracy to defraud the Internal Revenue Service.

Earlier, this Proposal Website was briefly named the "Calvin cycle Ponzi Site." Calvin's finding of the light reaction, Reaction (L), was rendered "dark," even while the Z scheme of dark redox reactions became known as the "light" reaction. In a concious effort to maintain this reversal of the original findings published in the permanent literature, more and more ranking officers of the Executive agencies become engaged in the cover up of the Calvin cycle as an NSF fraud case. They pump more and more federal tax dollars into the peer reviewed research of dark photosynthesis to maintain the dividend stream of new "scientific findings." This way, they succeed in deceiving the tax paying community into thinking that federal funding of dark photosynthesis is sound government spending. Another early name for the Proposal Website was "NSF OIG's Website." In 2002, Peggy Fischer of NSF Office of Inspector General (OIG), a key Executive player in the Calvin cycle Ponzi scheme, requested from the author a synopsis for PCDF's (Purdue-Calumet Development Foundation) making of the Calvin cycle. Dr. Fischer is a person of interest in this investigation, a/k/a the FBI PX 45 Request before the House Oversight Subcommittee.

Fischer is OIG's Associate Inspector General in charge of investigating criminal activities arising from funding by the NSF. The Trustees of Purdue University appointed France A. Cordova as President of the University. In 2009 Cordova also succeeded former Purdue President Steven C. Beering's nomination (in 2002) to the National Science Board's (NSB) Oversight Committee in charge of this investigation.

Personalized Verbal Assault, ASU's Response

The Calvin cycle is generally accepted as the dark (or "light-independent," whatever that phrase means, as a substitute for the naked adjective "dark") photosynthetic carbon reactions.  It began in 1955 as an instrument for generating federal reimbursement moneys for Purdue trustees to use Purdue's Ross-Ade, Purdue Research and Purdue-Calumet Development Foundations to buy and sell real estate in Northwest Indiana for personal profit.  It has since developed an envious following of a magnitude rivaled not even by the flat earth theory dating back to the Dark Ages. 

The vast following was nurtured through the decades, in part at least, by monies Richard A. Posner withdrew from Treasury with the help of AOUSC executives.  In recent years, Cordova and Christine Boesz, respectively member of the NSB and Inspector General of the National Science Foundation (NSF), maintained for federal funding purposes the integrity of the Calvin cycle, with Larry Orr as their principal spokesman.  Whatever drove those purposes, their poorly-reasoned choice of the dark photosynthesis standard for funding NSF proposals was demonstrated in Orr's response (shown below) to the two-pronged question Fong addressed to Cordova.  What Cordova and Boesz accomplished is the foreclosure of this country's development of photosynthesis as an alternative energy. 

Orr, who earned a B.A. in English from Arizona State University (ASU), was an NSF administrative coordinator.  As this country's leading proponent of the Calvin cycle, he speaks from his position as Program Manager for the ASU Center for Bioenergy and Photosynthesis.  He is a co-author of a widely distributed Web-based message predicated upon the Calvin cycle.  He is also the senior author of the paper, Orr, L. and Govindjee (1999), Photosynthesis and the World Wide Web. In: Photosynthesis: Mechanisms and Effects, Garab, G. (Ed.) Kluwer Academic Publishers, Dordrecht, Vol. V, pp. 4387-4392, also based on the Calvin cycle.

In the post dated 4-25-10 on this blog, Fong posed for Cordova's proper response the two-pronged question as follows:
  1. Do the published studies, Refs. 6-10 [(6) Bassham, J.A., Shibata, K., Steenberg, K., Bourdon, J. and Calvin, M. (1956) J. Am. Chem. Soc., 78, 4120-4124. (7) Vishniac, W., Horecker, B.L., and Ochoa, S. (1957) Adv. Enzymol. 19, 1-77. (8) Bassham, J.A. and Calvin, M. (1957) "The Path of Carbon in Photosynthesis," Prentice-Hall, Inc., Englewood Cliffs, N.J. (9) Calvin, M. and Pon, N.G. (1959) J. Cellular Comp. Physiol., 54, Suppl. 1, 51-74. (10) Bassham, J.A. and Kirk, M. (1960) Biochim. Biophys. Acta, 43, 447-464], represent the entire body of Calvin et al and others' published work on the path of carbon in photosynthesis, on which was based the Fong-Butcher model?
  2. Are there other studies than Margerum's story [(a) Chem. Eng. News. 33, 2809 (July 4, 1955), on which was based Calvin's Centenary Lecture before the Chemical Society in London, (b) Calvin, M. (1956) J. Chem. Soc., 1956, 1895-1915] that would support a conclusion of the dark reaction cycle, for which Calvin claimed the 1961 Nobel Prize in Chemistry?     
On 5-11-10, Orr in a message, Subject: "Please take your medication," responded on Cordova's behalf:
  • Your attempts to disrupt the thinking of rational human beings by your erratic and persistent screeds and immature behavior have failed. Please confine your pissing to the WC, not the web. I've talked to your son and he is very ashamed of you and your behavior. Please go back on your medications and leave the rest of us alone.
Other than the fact that Orr's use of the English language was less than decorous and that, upon Dr. Bryan Morris' examination scheduled after Orr wrote, Fong's only ailment requiring medical attention was hypertension, Orr's response may be pivotal to a productive resolution of the Calvin cycle as follows:

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