Friday, June 11, 2010

Solving the Calvin Cycle : Identifying ASU as NSF-Funded World Center for Dark Photosynthesis

This post on solving the Calvin cycle, the photosynthetic dark reactions in photosynthesis -- an apparently imperishable NSF fraud case, supplements the National Science Foundation's finding for the author Francis K. Fong's discovery of the Calvin cycle.  See, the Calvin Cycle Ponzi Scheme Website.

To solve the Calvin cycle, the issue involves the multifaceted "memorable quotes" on that website's predecessor page, reflecting the apparent imperishability of the Calvin cycle.  Setting aside the Seventh Circuit's historical connections to the Big Tuna, the Chicago Mafia Godfather Joe "the Batters" Accardo, for the court's thefts from Treasury, bribery and murder; setting aside the reviewer/reader negligence in reading the Calvin cycle "not with fraud in mind," and dark photosynthesists' knowledge of undergraduate chemistry, a central question is, how the "NSF-funded world center for photosynthesis" of Kelly Lee's summary handles Cordova's finding, that the dark reaction cycle has nothing to do with photosynthesis.

To be specific, the question is, how Cordova as a member of the National Science Board Oversight Committee overseeing NSF OIG's (Office of Inspector General) investigation of the Calvin cycle, handles her finding, which is tantamount to one that NSF's six decades of funding based on the Calvin cycle is subject to the rule of 18 U.S.C. Section 371.

After NSF invited Fong to submit a workshop proposal, in 1978-79, he reviewed with NSF Deputy Director George Pimentel Purdue instructor Dale Margerum's work of fiction that became the Calvin cycle.  Pimentel, then newly named to succeed Calvin as Director of the Lawrence Radiation Chemical Biodynamics Laboratory, of course, knew that the Calvin cycle, the photosynthetic dark reactions, was irreconcilable with Calvin and co-workers' finding of the light carboxylation reaction.

NSF sponsors the "Energy for Sustainability program," reminiscent of Fong's discussion with Calvin in the Asilomar meeting. NSF’s aggressive program for funding photosynthesis research “to mimic these processes in synthetic non-biological systems to transform light energy into chemical energy” has not progressed beyond Fong's patents of the late 1970’s.  That NSF program directors appear to be oblivious of the foregoing issues is reflected in the discussion to follow. 

In a millionth of a millionth second, the National Science Foundation reported, in May of 2007, chlorophyll photosynthesis researchers led by Neal Woodbury, a scientist at the Arizona State University (ASU) Biodesign Institute, in work funded by the NSF found that "plants approach the pinnacle of stinginess by scavenging nearly every photon of available light energy to produce food," to sustain all life on earth. 

"The discovery involves the orchestrated movement of proteins on the timescale of a millionth of a millionth of a second."  And, said Kamal Shukla, program director in the NSF Division of Molecular and Cellular Biosciences, "This pioneering research gives us new insights into the basic mechanism of photosynthesis," adding, "Understanding such basic biological processes can lead to important societal benefits." 

Shukla, the NSF program director who made this social benefits statements, inadvertently demonstrated the chasm of oblivion that prevails within the research community funded by the NSF.  Were those statements made to paraphrase Woodbury et al's claim for having solved the primary photosynthesis events?  Surely, Woodbury et al must know that the Calvin cycle, the dark reaction cycle in photosynthesis, had nothing to do with photosynthesis!?  And, surely, they must also know that their finding reported by the NSF, of course, had nothing to do with photosynthesis, or was not even new!? 

It is long-settled that all photoexcitation processes occur on the time scale of a picosecond (i.e., "a millionth of a millionth second").  But chlorophyll photoexcitation in plants, or chlorophyll light-harvesting, is a photophysical process, not photosynthesis, a photochemical reaction.  In order for Woodbury's "pioneering research to give new insights into the basic mechanism of photosynthesis," Kamal Shukla and other NSF program directors will first need to understand why the ASU photosynthesis center funded by the NSF acts as a principal proponent of the Calvin cycle, a federal false claim.

If they are not in the con game to defraud the United States Treasury, Cordova, Shukla and others need to unravel why the ASU workers, on the one hand, claim their observation of the photophysical process as "photosynthesis," and on the other, base their photosynthesis "research" on the Calvin cycle, the dark photosynthesis, in which the reaction steps occur on the time scale of milliseconds, i.e., in the NSF program director's language, the alleged photosynthetic dark reactions occurring at rates "one thousand million times" slower than the "millionth of a millionth second" (or, simply, picosecond) process, which they also call "photosynthesis." 

On the Calvin Cycle Website, Fong responds as follows to NSF OIG Assistant Inspector General (Criminal) Peggy Fischer's request dating back to 2002 for an account of the Calvin cycle.  As long ago as the fall of 1989, by a rigorous test of NSF's reading of Calvin et al's original papers on their C-14 tracer studies, Clifford Bennett, NSF OIG Assistant Inspector General (Audit), found for Fong's discovery of the Calvin cycle.  Woodbury, Cordova, Shukla and other NSF program directors are all Ph.D. scientists.  By the foregoing analysis, Fong arrives at the conclusion, preliminarily at least, that these persons all engaged in the systemwide scheme (described in the 1996 report incorporated in the Fongs' 1995 Form 1040 federal tax return) to penetrate Treasury and violate 18 U.S.C. Section 371

A break in the case came on 6-20-06, when IDR's (Indiana Department of Revenue) General Counsel's Office approved the Henninger resolution for its agreement involving Fong attached to a Writ of Mandamus issued on 1-10-94 by the Indiana Supreme Court.  A series of events followed as a result of that resolution.  First came Purdue President France Cordova's appointment to the National Science Board (NSB).  Then, accountant Kelly Lee of AOUSC (Administrative Office of U.S. Courts) disclosed that Dale Margerum (author of the news story that became known as the Calvin cycle) was the catalyst for the creation of an "NSF-funded center" to handle the court's withdrawal of the $48,903.81 from a Treasury account.  That money found its way through (Senator Lugar's) profitable insider trading in JPM Industries shares, and became a source of payments made to revenue and OIG employees, the seed money for federal funding of the sort of dark photosynthesis research at ASU.  The unraveling of the NSF-funded center was the reason why Cordova's finding of 2-1-10 provided the much needed, though belated, support to NSF OIG's determination of 1989 in favor of Fong's discovery of the Calvin cycle.  See, the Calvin Cycle Website published at Fischer's behest.  The above findings of fact are corroborated as follows:   

On 4-25-10, Fong posted the "Two-Pronged Question" addressed to Cordova.  The TPQ was originally designed by Bennett as a test question to establish the validity of NSF's reading of Calvin et al's original papers on their discovery of the light carboxylation reaction.  It is pertinent to the FBI PX 45 request, a/k/a the Calvin cycle, submitted before the House Oversight Subcommittee by Communications Director LuAnn Canipe.  Cordova failed to respond to the TPQ, because Bennett in 1989 had already answered it in NSF OIG's determination of the Calvin cycle as a fraud.  Instead, on 5-11-10, Larry posted a comment to alert the world that comments were deleted from that post, to which Fong, on 6-11-10, posted a comment in response.  Larry's World Alert and Fong's response are reproduced verbatim as follows: 
  • Larry said... Looks like I will have to alert the world that you are deleting comments on this site. That is so much like you. Anyone that disagrees with you gets zapped. Pity.  May 11, 2010 8:58 PM
  • Francis K. Fong said... I did not delete any comments on this site. Rather, on 5-15-10, I separately posted Program Manager (ASU Center for Bioenergy and Photosynthesis) Larry Orr's email of 5-11-10. In that context, Larry's report of deletions is material to NSF OIG's request for a synopsis for the FBI PX 45 request mentioned in the first sentence of that (5-15-10) post. Larry is requested to re-post his response to the two-pronged question, or otherwise submit the deleted comments to Peggy Fischer via email,, with cc to June 11, 2010 6:02 AM
Larry is Larry Orr of the ASU Photosynthesis Center.  Fong did not make any deletions of comments made by ASU responsive to the TPQ.  A likely solution is that no such comments were posted by Cordova or ASU.  If so, it would seem reasonable to suppose that ASU is the NSF-funded center disclosed by AOUSC, and that the World Alert issued by ASU was the latest contribution in furtherance of the Calvin cycle as "photosynthesis."

Cordova's failing to answer the TPQ is pivotal to unraveling the implementation of an agreement for rendering impotent the House Oversight Subcommittee's investigation of the Calvin cycle.